JumpCloud and Samba 4

Having a Samba 4 AD around in my lab was nice for a time, but every now and then things would break after Ubutnu installed the latest Security update or some other unknown cause, and it always seemed to happen when I really wanted to use my Samba server too which made it even more […]

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I decided it was time to start over with my homelab, not that an ancient HP desktop with an Intel Core Duo processor was worthy of being called a homelab. It was basically my iTunes server, serving up content not in iCloud to Apple TVs, and it wasn’t even doing that well. The Parts Purchased […]

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Apple Keynote Podcast Feeds

I wanted the direct links to the downloads to throw the latest keynote on a network share. I didn’t find the direct links to Apple’s feeds anywhere with a quick search, so I extracted them from iTunes. Here they are for you. Standard Definition (iPod): http://podcasts.apple.com/apple_keynotes/apple_keynotes.xml  High Definition: http://podcasts.apple.com/apple_keynotes_hd/apple_keynotes_hd.xml  1080p: http://podcasts.apple.com/apple_keynotes_1080p/apple_keynotes_1080p.xml

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Uninstall Dropbox Script

The script simply searches for DropboxUninstaller.exe and if found, runs is with the /S switch. Time consuming script as it searches the hard drive. This could be done better…but meh. UninstallDropbox.vbs ‘ Search computer for Dropbox installation and uninstall Dropbox if found.’ Created by Andrew Zbikowski ‘ Version: 2013-06-10_01’ Tested against Dropbox version 2.0.23 Option […]

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