UltraViolet Follow Up

My Amazon.com order arrived today. Another DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack with UltraViolet digital copy. Since my last experience with UltraViolet was less than stellar, I took some notes on my second experience to see if things had improved. This time around my UltraViolet and Flixter accounts have been setup, and those accounts are configured on my […]

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F-Secure Rescue CD

Malware is my most recent cause of headache. A specific antivirus product (looking at you SEP) has been completely worthless for preventing, detecting, and removing this stuff. Because I only have a few hours at client sites a full reinstall of Windows and applications, which would be the ideal solution, isn’t an option. Enter the […]

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MySQL Backup Script

This is my almost no configuration needed bash backup script for MySQL. The script first uses the mysql command line application to get a list of every database on your MySQL server, then loops through the list of databases and creates a separate dump file for each database. You do need to create a ~/.my.cnf […]

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