JumpCloud and Samba 4

Having a Samba 4 AD around in my lab was nice for a time, but every now and then things would break after Ubutnu installed the latest Security update or some other unknown cause, and it always seemed to happen when I really wanted to use my Samba server too which made it even more […]

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I decided it was time to start over with my homelab, not that an ancient HP desktop with an Intel Core Duo processor was worthy of being called a homelab. It was basically my iTunes server, serving up content not in iCloud to Apple TVs, and it wasn’t even doing that well. The Parts Purchased […]

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Apple Keynote Podcast Feeds

I wanted the direct links to the downloads to throw the latest keynote on a network share. I didn’t find the direct links to Apple’s feeds anywhere with a quick search, so I extracted them from iTunes. Here they are for you. Standard Definition (iPod): http://podcasts.apple.com/apple_keynotes/apple_keynotes.xml  High Definition: http://podcasts.apple.com/apple_keynotes_hd/apple_keynotes_hd.xml  1080p: http://podcasts.apple.com/apple_keynotes_1080p/apple_keynotes_1080p.xml

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Uninstall Dropbox Script

The script simply searches for DropboxUninstaller.exe and if found, runs is with the /S switch. Time consuming script as it searches the hard drive. This could be done better…but meh. UninstallDropbox.vbs ‘ Search computer for Dropbox installation and uninstall Dropbox if found.’ Created by Andrew Zbikowski ‘ Version: 2013-06-10_01’ Tested against Dropbox version 2.0.23 Option […]

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Managing Your Photo Collection

A few months ago I decided to rework my workflow for importing, managing, and sorting my photo collection. Since our daughter was born the number of pictures we take with digital cameras and iPhones has exploded. Previously my workflow consisted of tag all the faces when the photos are imported, flag the good ones, and […]

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Enable AirDrop on any Mac

AirDrop is a feature in Mac OSX Lion for transferring files between two Macs, great feature my my wife’s Mac is on the list of Macs that do not support AirDrop. Yesterday while working on an unrelated issue, I discovered that the Deeper tool has an option to activate AirDrop on any Mac running Lion […]

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