F-Secure Rescue CD

Malware is my most recent cause of headache. A specific antivirus product (looking at you SEP) has been completely worthless for preventing, detecting, and removing this stuff. Because I only have a few hours at client sites a full reinstall of Windows and applications, which would be the ideal solution, isn’t an option. Enter the […]

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No good could come of this…

Job posting on a technical mailing list I’m subscribed to… WANTED: Spare-time, moonlighting Systems Administrator with a Remote Access capability, to operate a Win XP mail server on a commission bases. Really, using Windows XP as a mail server? Smells like SPAM…or worse.

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VirtualBox on OS X 10.5

My wife fell asleep during Heros tonight as she missed most of Season 2 and had no clue what’s going on. Not even a handful of episodes are available on NBC.com and Hulu.com, but all are available via Netflix’s watch instantly service, but despite rumors as far back as last year Netflix doesn’t offer Mac […]

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