Uninstall Dropbox Script

The script simply searches for DropboxUninstaller.exe and if found, runs is with the /S switch. Time consuming script as it searches the hard drive. This could be done better…but meh. UninstallDropbox.vbs ‘ Search computer for Dropbox installation and uninstall Dropbox if found.’ Created by Andrew Zbikowski ‘ Version: 2013-06-10_01’ Tested against Dropbox version 2.0.23 Option […]

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Windows Vista ā€“ Day 1

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my work laptop to Windows Vista. I opted for Windows Vista Business 64-bit when I ordered this laptop, tried it, and promptly downgraded to Windows XP 32-bit. Now 8 months and some change later, Iā€™m back to Vista 64. Day one was mostly install and patch patch patch, […]

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Check status of a user’s password

Thanks to PCI requirements we recently formalized the the password aging policy in our Active Directory domain and unchecked the Password does not expire flag on all users accounts. I quickly found that I needed a way other than using Active Directory Users and Computers to check to see if a user’s password is expired […]

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