Apple Keynote Podcast Feeds

I wanted the direct links to the downloads to throw the latest keynote on a network share. I didn’t find the direct links to Apple’s feeds anywhere with a quick search, so I extracted them from iTunes. Here they are for you. Standard Definition (iPod):  High Definition:  1080p:

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UltraViolet Follow Up

My order arrived today. Another DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack with UltraViolet digital copy. Since my last experience with UltraViolet was less than stellar, I took some notes on my second experience to see if things had improved. This time around my UltraViolet and Flixter accounts have been setup, and those accounts are configured on my […]

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ThinkGeek’s Phantom Keystroker

ThinkGeek’s Phantom Keystroker V2 is intended to be a practical joke to play on unsuspecting friends, family, coworkers. The USB device is the size of a flash drive. When connected to a computer it emulates a keyboard and mouse and periodically toggles caps lock, types random text, or wiggles the mouse. There is plenty of […]

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