Apple Keynote Podcast Feeds

I wanted the direct links to the downloads to throw the latest keynote on a network share. I didn’t find the direct links to Apple’s feeds anywhere with a quick search, so I extracted them from iTunes. Here they are for you. Standard Definition (iPod):  High Definition:  1080p:

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Enable AirDrop on any Mac

AirDrop is a feature in Mac OSX Lion for transferring files between two Macs, great feature my my wife’s Mac is on the list of Macs that do not support AirDrop. Yesterday while working on an unrelated issue, I discovered that the Deeper tool has an option to activate AirDrop on any Mac running Lion […]

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MacHeist Bundle 3

The headline is: Discover some amazing new software. Unleash new potential from your Mac. Support independent Mac developers. And make the world a better place. For only $39 you up the 13 pieces of software that would normally sell for $626.75 to $975.70 if purchased individually, and 25% of your purchase goes to charity. Currently […]

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VirtualBox on OS X 10.5

My wife fell asleep during Heros tonight as she missed most of Season 2 and had no clue what’s going on. Not even a handful of episodes are available on and, but all are available via Netflix’s watch instantly service, but despite rumors as far back as last year Netflix doesn’t offer Mac […]

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