F-Secure Rescue CD

Malware is my most recent cause of headache. A specific antivirus product (looking at you SEP) has been completely worthless for preventing, detecting, and removing this stuff. Because I only have a few hours at client sites a full reinstall of Windows and applications, which would be the ideal solution, isn’t an option. Enter the […]

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MySQL Backup Script

This is my almost no configuration needed bash backup script for MySQL. The script first uses the mysql command line application to get a list of every database on your MySQL server, then loops through the list of databases and creates a separate dump file for each database. You do need to create a ~/.my.cnf […]

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iPhone 4 Ordered!

Spent the past week trying to figure out why in the world I qualify for a new iPhone 4 at the full AT&T subsidized price when I just got my iPhone 3G S last year around May. My coworker who got his iPhone 3G S before I did last year didn’t qualify. Today I finally […]

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