StarCraft II Digital Download Mac Install Bug

Up until now I’ve kept gaming out of this blog. It’s supposed to be a blog about aspects of being an IT Professional, but every now and that one needs a diversion. Anyway…

Yes I purchased StarCraft II, but not on release day, and I didn’t pre-order. I did go for the digital download option. After waiting something like 12 hours when I tried to install this on my MacBook Pro I was met with an error message: “Please Insert DVD named StartCraft II Disc.” There was no way to get past this error. it was a digital download, there is no DVD media involved here.

The ultimate solution was to create a disk image named “StarCraft II Disc” using disk utility. Select the 8.3 GB (DVD+R DL) option in Disk Utility for this. The installer takes up 7.53 GB. Once the disk image is created, move or copy in the downloaded install files and run the installer from the disk image. The install then works as expected.

My question for Blizzard is do they really expect normal computer users to be able to understand/do this or am I just running into a bug in the digital download? Maybe I’ll find out when their swamped support staff get around to my email.

9 thoughts on “StarCraft II Digital Download Mac Install Bug

  1. 'tis sad to see such things in the final release… I had a similar issue when installing the beta a few months back. The Mac client for SCII has, from experience and reading the forums, much less stable or robust than the Windows client, which is a massive step backwards for Blizzard.


  2. thanks a ton for posting this. i wasted four hours trying to get the game installed before coming across this advice. you can imagine my sigh of relief when the game finally installed correctly!


  3. I had the same problem. Per Blizzard tech support, the issue may be related to FileVault. Do you have that turned on? To avoid the problem, it might be sufficient just to save to a location outside of your FileVault home directory.Thank you for your workaround. I used it and it works.-Phil


  4. I ran into the same freaking problem, it took me 3 hours downloading and when it finally finished (Around 2 am last night) it promted that message.I was way too tired even to try fixing this at that time, but I'll try your solution when I get back from work, tonight.


  5. I tried to create that disk image and it still does not work. I am getting the same error about having the disk. I could be doing it wrong but I am pretty sure I followed your directions. Is there any way you can help me?!?!?! Btw Blizzard's hotline is always busy 😦


  6. Jack, I can confirm it worked for me as well, and let me tell you I have spent the last 20 days or so discussing with Blizzard's tech support staff.You need to first create a Disk image according to the following parameters:- Read/Write- CD/DVD- Mac Journaled (do NOT use case-sensitive)- Use the exact following name \”StarCraft II Disc\”, using exact letter sequenceThen copy the content of the Installer directory right in there.At least, for me, this worked.FYI, the Blizzard tech suppirt staff have been very concerned and responsive to my request for help, but I have used rather their online FAQ medium. The various exchanges by email have been honest, even if, in the end, they are not the ones that provided me with the ultimate solution.Hope you get through it.Regards,O


  7. Just adding yet another \”thank you.\” This saved me from having to redownload on my new machine. I guess I'll reburn my backup disk with the right name so next time I won't have to copy it to a disc image.


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