iPhone 4 Ordered!

Spent the past week trying to figure out why in the world I qualify for a new iPhone 4 at the full AT&T subsidized price when I just got my iPhone 3G S last year around May. My coworker who got his iPhone 3G S before I did last year didn’t qualify. Today I finally figured it out.

  • March 2008: Wife’s Motorola Razr falls out of her pocket and into hot tub. We dry out the phone and it works.
  • April 2008: Wife’s phone won’t charge. We deal with it by swapping batteries as we both have Motorola Razrs.
  • May 2008: Wife’s phone fails completely due to water damage. We’re able to get a new phone at a discount (not full subsidized price, but better than full price) by renewing our contract for another two years.
  • May 2009: I’m eligible to get subsidized price for iPhone 3G S and upgrade.
  • June 2010: 2-year contract with AT&T signed in May 2008 is up, and wife has had her phone for 2 years, making both phone numbers eligible for upgrade.

So I promised my wife a new iPhone for as a graduation gift (she finished grad school in May.) So I tried pre-ordering her phone on June 15th. It would just not go through. Tried again on the 16th with the same results, but I was able to get my new iPhone ordered. Tried again to order my wife’s phone on the 17th and yay the order went through so both of us will have iPhone 4s soon! Just not on June 24th, so I’ll have to go without for a week or so in order to sell my iPhone 3G S via Gazelle.

Timing is everything, though I never figured a water damaged phone would somehow work to our advantage.

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