MySQL Backup Script

This is my almost no configuration needed bash backup script for MySQL. The script first uses the mysql command line application to get a list of every database on your MySQL server, then loops through the list of databases and creates a separate dump file for each database. You do need to create a ~/.my.cnf […]

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iPhone 4 Ordered!

Spent the past week trying to figure out why in the world I qualify for a new iPhone 4 at the full AT&T subsidized price when I just got my iPhone 3G S last year around May. My coworker who got his iPhone 3G S before I did last year didn’t qualify. Today I finally […]

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iPhone 4 Announced

Apple announced iPhone 4 today at WWDC. One of the most interesting bits is that AT&T is offering full subsidized price ($199 for 16 GB, $299 for 32 GB) to anyone who’s contract is up in 2010. On a whim I checked, and yup I’m eligible. Cool, but I don’t have $299 for an upgrade. […]

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ThinkGeek’s Phantom Keystroker

ThinkGeek’s Phantom Keystroker V2 is intended to be a practical joke to play on unsuspecting friends, family, coworkers. The USB device is the size of a flash drive. When connected to a computer it emulates a keyboard and mouse and periodically toggles caps lock, types random text, or wiggles the mouse. There is plenty of […]

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