To the rescue!

Moving MS SQL Server databases from one server to another tonight. Nothing like working into the late hours to screw up.

Removed old DB server from domain. Joined new one. Realized I forgot to get some data off the old server. Old server is removed from domain so only local administrator password will let me log in.

And for some reason, the documented local admin password does not match. Usually I remember to check this before doing something drastic like removing a server from the domain. Heck usually I change the local admin password and create a second account with admin rights just in case. But not tonight. Tonight I’m tired and I’m rushing things. So now I’m locked out of the server…


I was worried that my faithful tool for resolving this issue, the freeware Offline NT Password & Registry Editor wouldn’t be able to save my butt this time. The server is Windows 2003 x64. Up until now I’ve only used the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor on 32 bit platforms. Also the server had a hardware RAID, who knows if the the boot CD would have the needed drivers.

Deep calming breath. Give it a try.

It’s booting…it’s detected the RAID card!

Yes it’s found the Windows drives!

Yes yes yes it’s reading in the SAM!

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor does indeed work on Windows 2003 64 bit!

Yes, I did a happy dance in the server room.

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