No good could come of this…

Job posting on a technical mailing list I’m subscribed to… WANTED: Spare-time, moonlighting Systems Administrator with a Remote Access capability, to operate a Win XP mail server on a commission bases. Really, using Windows XP as a mail server? Smells like SPAM…or worse.

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To the rescue!

Moving MS SQL Server databases from one server to another tonight. Nothing like working into the late hours to screw up. Removed old DB server from domain. Joined new one. Realized I forgot to get some data off the old server. Old server is removed from domain so only local administrator password will let me […]

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Windows Vista – Day 1

I finally took the plunge and upgraded my work laptop to Windows Vista. I opted for Windows Vista Business 64-bit when I ordered this laptop, tried it, and promptly downgraded to Windows XP 32-bit. Now 8 months and some change later, I’m back to Vista 64. Day one was mostly install and patch patch patch, […]

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